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This page provides various information related to industrial and hazardous waste management in Japan.

JW Center Activities

Introduction to JW Center Activities(2018)

Industrial Waste Management in Japan (movie 2018)


02_Collection and Transportation[mp4(360.8MB)] 

03_Intermediate Treatment and Recycling[mp4(297.0MB)] 

04_Final Disposal[mp4(343.4MB)]         (Produced by JW Center)

Waste Management Laws and Regulations in Japan

Waste management in Japan~Rules and Figures~(2018) [PDF(1.67MB)]

Industrial Waste Management and Waste Management Law in Japan [PDF(186KB)]

Specially Controlled Industrial Waste Manager

Technical Expertise of Japan in Solid Waste Management
(Website of JICA-Net Library, 25mins, Language: English/Japanese, Spanish, Arabic)

Electronic Manifest in Japan

Electronic Manifest System for Industrial Waste in Japan(2018) [PDF(434KB)]

Procedure to issue Electronic Manifest [PDF(2.47MB)]

EDI_Method [PDF(1.27MB)]

Education and Training

Education and Training for Industrial Wastes Generators and Processors [PDF(516KB)]

Link for Organization Relating to Industrial Waste Management

Ministry of the Environment

Japan Society of Material Cycles and Waste Management

Japan Environmental Storage and Safety Corporation